Wealth Mentoring

Helping you make the most of your money!

Secrets To A Stress-Free Mortgage

Using our unique structures we routinely cut in half the time it takes to pay off the average home mortgage.

Tax Minimisation

Tax benefits can be immediate and on a weekly basis. Being proactive about building wealth with tax breaks is a government incentive.

Retirement Planning

Almost everyone is in the same boat, it’s virtually impossible to fund your retirement simply by saving a little out of your earnings every month and accumulating cash. 



Have You ever wondered who you see and for what advice? We guide you Through The Confusion And Show You Where To Start.

HOW We Help

Our philosophy towards money and helping you take control of your household finances leads to financial freedom.
We use Government resources to measure if you’re on track and how to determine what’s required if your’e not?
We do this by using a structure that we have developed which accesses a particular loan and credit methodology that effectively uses the bank’s own interest in your favour.
Australians know they need to reduce debt faster, at Colonial Pacific we illustrate where that money can come from.
The Government will allow you to reduce your tax through a Tax Minimisation Investment by building assets. Reducing tax is one of the most effective ways to improve your financial position.
The banks will not lend extensively to buy shares, even if it’s their own shares. That means leveraged exposure to well-located, investment grade property is the fundamental best option.

Our goal is to guide you on
how to see your money in a different way.

Our Process


Discovery Meeting

A review of your situation to learn more about you and how we can best assist. In most cases there are as many as ten possible strategies suited to help Australian households.


Strategic Planning

We develop a written account of an intended future course of action aimed at achieving specific goals or objectives within a specific timeframe. It explains in detail what needs to be done, when, how, and by whom, and often includes best case, expected case, and worst-case scenarios.


We Present Our Strategy

Creating the right foundation today means your plans to grow your wealth tomorrow will stand on solid ground. You’ll be provided with access to tried and tested methods, which are ultimately aimed at leaving you debt free for life and develop a passive income.


Action the Colonial Pacific Strategy

In many cases, this can immediately begin to work to save tens of thousands of dollars (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) in interest on your home loan and maximising tax breaks.


Regular Reviews by Colonial Pacific

Regular budget & finance ‘health checks’ to ensure your overall plan is ‘on track’ at no additional charge. Our reviews continue for as long as required.

Plan your wealth now to be happy in the future!

WHO We Help


Even if you have your ‘ducks in a row’, it’s a good idea to check in with someone for peace of mind.


For those juggling commitments like full time work, children, mortgages, educational costs, lifestyle costs and are also time poor, we can remove the stress and simplify your money flow.


No matter your sophistication, at Colonial Pacific we work with you in growing your wealth and offer regular reviews to help keep you streamlined.

The INs and OUTs

The Coming Retirement Crisis

Founder and CEO of Real Vision, Raoul Pal on behalf of Global Macro Investor, his research business (Raoul Pal – The Coming Retirement Crisis – YouTube) Retirement is all some

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“The goal for us at Colonial Pacific is to provide you with a workable plan that will help you build a foundation today on which you can build your longer-term goals of tomorrow.”


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