Colonial Pacific Wealth Management

At Colonial Pacific we provide solutions to educate you in taking control of your financial future. In our busy world of working, raising a family & juggling all of life’s challenges we have been programmed to live our lives dictated by banks, financial institutions and the taxman.

Our approach is to guide you to set up your financial life to make it simple and strategic and explain the entire process in full. We exercise clear and concise strategies that enable you to create wealth and pay off your unwanted debts in the fastest possible way. Once you have overcome debt you will be able to Invest & Leveraging your earnings.

Our philosophy is simple. “You need to take control of your money and not let your money control you!”

Expert Advice

Meet Darren

General Manager

Darren has been in the finance and property industry for over 20 years operating successful real estate franchises assisting more than 2000 families with one of their largest decisions in life and find their dream home.

He now enjoys helping people in all areas of their financial life by demonstrating techniques that can really change lives.  For five years now Darren has been mentoring people on how to take control of their future by developing a series of Money Maximisers that can be personalised to each household’s scenario, from budget coaching through to advanced property-investing strategies.

Expert Advice

Meet Megan

Client Relations

Megan and Darren have a large blended family of 8 and whilst many of their children have flown the coup Megan understands running a busy household with time management challenges, and knows it can be hard to keep on top of your money.

Megan’s goal is for as many Australians as possible to be on Colonial Pacific’s programme and benefit from its Money Maximisers.  Megan knows these strategies when applied can remove a lot of stress for families.

Growing up on a dairy farm in country Victoria Megan enjoys the piece and quite of acreage living.  In 1993 Megan moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, she still loves living on acreage but is never far from her favourite beach at Mooloolaba.

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