Colonial Pacific

At Colonial Pacific we provide solutions to educate you in taking control of your financial future. In our busy world of working, raising a family & juggling all of life’s challenges we have been programmed to live our lives dictated by banks, financial institutions and the taxman.

Our approach is to guide you to set up your financial life to make it simple and strategic and explain the entire process in full. We exercise clear and concise strategies that enable you to create wealth and pay off your unwanted debts in the fastest possible way. Once you have overcome debt you will be able to Invest & Leveraging your earnings.

Our philosophy is simple. “You need to take control of your money and not let your money control you!”

We help everyday Aussies, from mums and dads to astute financiers, find, buy, build and structure a portfolio of properties week in, week out.  Many people get stuck because they’re overwhelmed by the enormity of what investing involves, or they’re worried they’ll make a poor decision and pay for it forever.


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