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The Coming Retirement Crisis

Founder and CEO of Real Vision, Raoul Pal on behalf of Global Macro Investor, his research business (Raoul Pal – The Coming Retirement Crisis – YouTube) Retirement is all some people ever think about, especially the 50-million-plus Americans set to retire in the next few years and the 439,000 Australians that are set to retire

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Australians retiring into hardship and relative poverty.

Last night I was speaking with Jack [not his real name] and I asked him what his plans were for his future retirement needs. Jack said, “I’m pretty right actually”. But was he? Let’s take a look. Jack who is a 55year old single dad and has$1.6 million in assets principally made up of his

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Will Australian residential property continue to rise in value?

If your analysis of your track to financial independence suggests buying an investment property might be an essential part of your long-term solution, what confidence can you have that property will continue to grow in value over the coming 10-30 years? Well, the answer will almost definitely be determined by the degree of demand that we will

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Some numbers around Negative Gearing

What is negative gearing? In simple terms when related to property, it’s a tax offset that closes the gap between how much an investment costs an owner and how much money they are able to make from it. According to the Australian Tax Office, an investment property is said to be negatively geared when the

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Take Control of Your Money

Do you have a household budget? Almost 80% of Australians don’t have a budget and go ‘week to week’ not having any idea where their money goes. Australians who want to take control of their money and have financial diligence will need a budget. Some families have more money going out than coming in and

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