How To Be Cash Flow Positive From Day One

A complete guide to creating a cash-positive income from your property to build total money freedom

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Finding Cash Positive Property

How can you find a unicorn property that puts money in your pocket from the start? One that leads to buying more properties, and pays handsomely while you sleep?

It’s not as difficult as it seems, and we’re going to show you how with 9 proven strategies for buying positive cash flow properties.

Benefits Of A Positive Cash Flow Property


the property won’t be a liability that you have to prop up out of your own savings, which means less chance you’ll have to sell it if your circumstances change


you can save the positive portion of the rental income to build a deposit for your next property


more income makes you look better to lenders, who will be more willing to bump up your borrowing power for your next purchase

An investment property bringing in genuine income is a step towards growing a portfolio of multiple properties and assets that can help you retire earlier, live the life you want, and bring unmatched financial security.

It’s one of the secrets of getting rich through property, if it’s right for your goals.

What Is Positive Cashflow

Let’s look at what positive cashflow means. There’s a difference between positive cashflow and positive gearing, but ultimately they’ll both put money in your pocket.


is when the rental income is more than the expenses of the property (like mortgage, property management fees, and ongoing maintenance costs). This is money in your pocket each week.


is when the expenses exceed your rental income, but the tax benefits ultimately bring in a profit. This is a lump-sum of money in your pocket at the end of the financial year.

Regardless of when the profit comes in, the benefit is that you’re creating positive passive income via an investment property, which helps in multiple ways.

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