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Best suburbs to invest in South East Queensland beyond 2021

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Leveraging to maximise your wealth.

The average Australian weekly wage is estimated at $1,164.00, which totals $60,528 pa.  It’s, therefore, necessary to leverage your earnings. This means you either borrow to invest in property or you borrow to invest in shares.

The banks will not lend extensively to buy shares, even if it’s their own shares. That means leveraged exposure to well-located, investment grade property is the fundamental best option.

Many Australians are not aware that our Government have put in place attractive tax incentives for investing in property and the problem is not enough Australians are taking advantage of them. 

Though our strategies don’t provide every answer (we’re not financial advisers so we don’t cover everything), it’s plain that building a property based passive income can provide a big part of what you’ll need in retirement.

Property offers far more security than any other investment class. It’s not driven wildly by the panic and greed like most other assets.

Property has consistently been a major source of wealth. There have been more millionaires made in Australia from property investment than from any other way – bar none! 

“Over the years, property has had consistent long-term capital growth that has returned as good or better than any other asset class.”

Our Process


Discovery Meeting

A review of your situation to learn more about you and how we can best assist. In most cases there are as many as ten possible strategies suited to help Australian households.


Strategic Planning

We develop a written account of an intended future course of action aimed at achieving specific goals or objectives within a specific timeframe. It explains in detail what needs to be done, when, how, and by whom, and often includes best case, expected case, and worst-case scenarios.


We Present Our Strategy

Creating the right foundation today means your plans to grow your wealth tomorrow will stand on solid ground. You’ll be provided with access to tried and tested methods, which are ultimately aimed at leaving you debt free for life and develop a passive income.


Action the Colonial Pacific Strategy

In many cases, this can immediately begin to work to save tens of thousands of dollars (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) in interest on your home loan and maximising tax breaks.


Regular Reviews by Colonial Pacific

Regular budget & finance ‘health checks’ to ensure your overall plan is ‘on track’ at no additional charge. Our reviews continue for as long as required.

Property solutions tailored to suit you.

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