Retirement Planning

The Australian government is well aware of the many retirement planning challengesĀ 
and have actually done something about it.

Planning for Retirement

Retirement planning strategies

The Australian government is well aware of the many retirement planning challenges and have actually done something about it. They’ve created a host of tools available to the general public at no cost and these tools are there to be used as milestones to check on your progress and keep your chosen investment guide honest. You just need a guide to help you access those tools to work out what needs to be done and who will constantly refer you to those same government resources so you can check your progress along the way.

Retirement planning checklist

Firstly find an adviser with a strong track record backed by an abundance of testimonials from real people with real experience. Secondly make sure this adviser uses those Australian Government resources that have been made available to check whether you are on track or not and thereafter provide you with the milestones, checks and balances essential to keeping you well informed as you move towards your retirement goals.

Topics to discuss:
  • Estate planning
  • Selling my business and reducing capital gains tax
  • Personal insurance
  • Non-property based investments
  • General tax planning
  • Establishing an SMSF
  • Setting up a Bare Trust for my SMSF
  • Asset allocation for my SMSF
  • General investment advice
(Colonial Pacific is not a licensed financial adviser but we can guide you to gain such advice from suitably licensed affiliates)

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A. We have a checklist of questions to ask any financial planner which will assist in selecting the right one or check yours has covered the bases.

A. No. They operate under an AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence) and this will vary the products and services offered. Planners operating under an AFSL are usually required to provide their own products and services in the advice they provide. The majority of financial planners are licensed through the big 4 banks or AMP.

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