Tax Minimisation

If there’s a way the government has provided for you to legitimately reduce your tax 
shouldn’t you grab it with both hands?

Tax Minimisation Services

How to pay less tax?

When Australians think of reducing tax most concentrate on Tax Deductions. For many, they are already claiming all they can. It’s, therefore, necessary to consider how you are structured and what tax breaks might be available to you through tax minimisation investments.

Let’s face it, no-one likes paying tax – at least not too much anyway! If there’s a way the government has provided for you to legitimately reduce your tax shouldn’t you grab it with both hands?


The higher your tax bracket the higher the benefits are of tax savings. In many cases, the tax savings can be tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short period of time. Exploring tax savings through depreciation, superannuation, SMSF’s and capital gains tax reductions are just a few to consider.

Through our affiliates* our philosophy is built on delivering the highest quality of professional accounting, taxation and advisory services to our clients.

Positioned to offer services for:

  • Australian Tax Residents, Property and Asset Investors
  • Australian Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Australian Trading Businesses, Companies and Trusts
  • Australian Businesses Trading Globally
  • Foreign Residents with Australian Property and Other Asset Investments
  • Foreign Businesses, Companies and Trusts Trading in Australia

*Australian Taxation Accountants

Reducing Your Tax And Re-Routing The Savings To Either Reduce Debts Or Invest Should Be Your Number 1 Financial Priority.


A. No. Colonial Pacific work closely with licensed tax professionals who on occasions integrate Colonial Pacific strategies. These strategies can also be integrated with an existing accountant you may have.

A. It costs nothing to get a general information on how tax savings may be applicable to you. It’s only when you implement a strategy that fees and charges will apply on a case by case scenario.

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